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About Oak Advance

Oak Advance is a direct boutique funder providing working capital to small businesses across the US. We fund a variety of businesses, including those who do not qualify for traditional bank loans due to limited credit history, industry, time in business, or minimum annual revenue requirements. In addition, a comprehensive business plan will not be needed for funding to be approved.  

When we provide working capital through our Revenue Based Funding platform, we are purchasing a portion of your future revenues for an agreed upon amount and advancing that capital to your business. In turn, you will remit a percentage of those revenues back to Oak Advance as they are brought in by your business. The funds that are advanced may be used for expansion, product procurement, equipment, payroll, or whatever other use you may have for it.

Why Oak Advance?
No Collateral 

Business is business, and we know you have a life, a family and other financial responsibilities. We want to fund your business while minimizing personal risk.

Smart Underwriting

We’re all about story underwriting: we know that a healthy business is not just about a credit score and is not always reflected in a set of documents.

Nobody’s Perfect

We understand that on occasion things happen that are not in our control. We keep this in mind when underwriting you and your business.

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